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Anthony Bowens tells Outsports how a YouTube video helped him come out as bisexual

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As a professional wrestler Anthony Bowens’ “wardrobe” is basically a pair of underwear that hugs his muscular frame and leaves little to the imagination.

Being openly bisexual in the macho world of pro wrestling could be perceived as a problem. Anthony Bowens told Outsports that it’s what kept him closeted to all but a few from the time he started wrestling as a pro five years ago.

It took a Youtube video to make me see that coming out was not going to be the problem I thought it would be. It was this past fall and I was three months into a relationship with my boyfriend, Michael Pavano. Mike and I had uploaded a video to YouTube on his channel called “The Laughing Challenge,” where he described me as his boyfriend.

Weeks later, I received a text that made my stomach drop. It was from my best friend in the wrestling business, and someone I specifically made sure to keep my secret from. The text read: “Bro, why didn’t you tell me?” I knew exactly what he meant but I played dumb. “What do you mean?” I replied. He response was that he saw “the video.” Much to my great relief, he told me he didn’t care and that I was one of his best friends in the business.

You can read the full interview at Outsports

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