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    Simon Webbe by Jon Enoch
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    Simon Webbe by Jon Enoch
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    Simon Webbe by Jon Enoch
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    Simon Webbe by Jon Enoch
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    Simon Webbe by Jon Enoch

Blue singer Simon Webbe opens up about his battles with depression and suicide

in Celebrity/Masculinity/Mental Health

Simon Webbe by Jon Enoch
Simon Webbe found fame in British boyband Blue. He recently talked to Gay Times magazine about body image and why it’s important for men to speak openly about their mental well-being.

Guys are getting more respect for saying, ‘No, actually, underneath the exterior of what society has built me up to be, I’m maybe not feeling so great. Mental health issues are a big thing for a lot of guys because they try to hide it. But you’ve got to realise that it’s your life and until you take control, you’re stopping yourself moving forward.

Struggling with mental health issues, in 2014 Simon considered taking his own life, and urges men in particular to confront their demons.

I thought about it. I turned mirrors round so I didn’t have to look at myself. I didn’t want to be here.

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