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Jockey aims to show the real person underneath

in Photography

Chris Van Etten

The ad campaign features a U.S. Marine veteran who shows perseverance always wins, a firefighter who defines courage as serving something greater than yourself, and an adoptive father who exemplifies the gift of family.

U.S. Marine vet Chris Van Etten works as a model and is not shy about the fact that he lost his legs while on duty in Afghanistan. “I’m truly honored and humbled to be chosen by Jockey and featured in the Show ’Em What’s Underneath campaign,” said Chris. “Jockey is an iconic American brand built on hard work, authenticity, and quality, which aligns with my core values, and for them to give me the platform to tell my story and perhaps inspire others to take life’s challenges head on, it’s a tremendous opportunity. The legacy I want to leave behind is someone who spent time trying to help others better their own lives.”

This new campaign celebrates the spirit of individuality – people’s true colors, hidden talents, guts, crazy ideas, big secrets and the gifts that make them truly unique. The Show ‘Em What’s Underneath campaign encourages everyone to be comfortable with themselves – imperfections and all.


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