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    Gus Kenworthy: ESPN Body Issue
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    Gus Kenworthy: ESPN Body Issue
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    Gus Kenworthy: ESPN Body Issue
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    Gus Kenworthy: ESPN Body Issue
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    Gus Kenworthy: ESPN Body Issue

Out Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy features in ESPN Body Issue

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Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy publicly came out in an ESPN Magazine cover story in October 2015. Now he’s back as part of the ESPN Body Issue 2017.

Gus Kenworthy: ESPN Body Issue

It was probably one of the more awkward things I’ve done. The shoot was on Mammoth Mountain. So it was six hours being naked outside in the wind and the snow. Freezing. My jaw was chattering, fingers shaking. I was in pain because it was so cold. And the camera’s up, you like pose for your two seconds, and then just go back to shivering.

Since coming out Gus has been overwhelmed by the largely positive response he’s received from fans, fellow skiers, and sponsors.

Isn’t that ironic? How much of my life, how many agonizing years I spent worried about what my life would be like if people knew the real me, and how much better it has actually become since I did let them know.

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