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Red Hot celebrates red hair while attempting to reverse the stigma attached to ginger men

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Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but Red Hot 100 holds a mirror up to current perceptions of male beauty and asks the question: why are there so few ginger heroes or heartthrobs in Western culture?

Redheaded men are hot, and here’s the proof. Red Hot 100 is a large-scale coffee table book that showcases the hottest red-headed guys from all over the world including Olympic gold medallists, actors, and top models.

A natural red-head himself, photographer Thomas Knights has experienced personally the negative perceptions that come with being ginger, and, having no red-haired male public role models to persuade him otherwise, he grew up feeling ashamed of his red roots. As a result, Knights devised a photography and video concept that redefines the perceived image of the red-headed male.

The men showcased here are masculine, chiseled, cool, and proud of the way that they look. These men are the new icons for a positive rebranding of the ginger.

No other hair color experiences a gender inequality in the same way. Just a couple of years ago none of the London modeling agencies had any red-haired male models on their books, and red-haired actors were hugely underrepresented in TV and film. However with the popularity of Prince Harry, Damian Lewis and Eddie Redmayne — brilliant ambassadors for the red-haired male — public opinion does seem to be changing.

Red Hot 100 confidently blows apart the false notion that red headed men are not as attractive as men with darker features.

I’m gunning to photograph Prince Harry. He’s cool, a bit naughty, handsome and, more than anyone, he’s had a big impact on making people think ginger men can be sexy. He probably won’t let me take his top off for a shot but maybe if I got him a bit drunk it could happen. — Thomas Knights

Red Hot 100 is available from amazon.com and amazon.co.uk

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