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Watch WONDERKID tackle homophobia in soccer

in Athlete/Sexuality

WONDERKID is a short film by Rhys Chapman which tackles one of soccer’s biggest issues — homophobia. Starring Chris Mason, the film depicts the inner turmoil of a gay professional soccer player at the launch of his career in a fictional London team, as he struggles with his sexuality in the masculine and often homophobic sporting world.

With everything going on in the world currently this is a really important time for sexuality and gender issues. We have created an inspiring character who knows he is gay, accepts he is gay and wants to come out, but it is his profession that is holding him back. If enough people see this film, it can make a huge difference in football. Anyone that watches this film will understand that everyone deserves to live their life free from fear. — Rhys Chapman, WONDERKID Director

WONDERKID is available to stream for free online, and you can watch it below.

  • 72% of soccer fans say they have heard homophobic abuse while watching live sports in the past five years.
  • Nearly two thirds of people say more should be done to make LGBT people feel accepted in sport.
  • Nearly 90% of supporters say they would be either ‘proud’ or ‘neutral’ if their favorite player came out as gay.

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